Tap Shoe Initiative

Theatre companies all across the metro area are joining our ongoing Tap Shoe Initiative. Perhaps you have seen these tiny works of art created by local theatre artisans collecting spare change on our behalf. If your company would like to join forces with us, too, here is what to do:


1. You create a creative, unique COMPANY TAP SHOE that will live permanently in your green room. This shoe is change jar where your actors and crew can toss their spare change throughout the run of any given production. At the end of each run, your stage manager empties the shoe and donates that amount to the Denver Actors Fund. With each new show, the process repeats itself.

2. For one performance of every run, we ask that you move your COMPANY TAP SHOE out from your green room and into your lobby. Tell your audience it is DENVER ACTORS FUND night and encourage them to leave some change on the way out. We can make the curtain and/or provide signage if you want. If you don’t do curtain speeches, we can provide a program stuffer.


Think of it as a community-wide public-art project. You can assign the job to a costumer or scenic designer or creative volunteer. The key is to create a shoe that reflects the essence of who your company is. We post a picture of each new tap shoe in our Facebook album. At the end of each year, we will creatively thank those shows that raised to most money for the Fund.

For further information, or to sign up your company for the Tap Shoe Initiative, please contact:

Debbie Minter